From concept to reality

Designing your new kitchen is something that should fill you with excitement. Here at Swans of Gravesend, we understand that the process should be a collaborative effort, and we use our years of experience to help you visualise the end result. We truly believe that people buy from people, and that is why we work as diligently as we do. From our initial meeting to stepping foot in the finished room for the first time, our team put you at the heart of every decision to ensure that your kitchen is nothing short of perfection.

Our Design Process

Client presentation

Here at Swans of Gravesend, we want to give you that goosebump moment. Having often worked with people who have admitted to not being able to visualise their future kitchen, despite having picked out the style and finish, we believe that their missing a vital part of the process – the part that makes it all seem real.

Using photorealistic renders, we can help bring your kitchen to life. Not only is this often an emotional step for you, but for us too! Having the ability to make these renders as close to reality as possible really helps you to feel confident in your decision so, whether you have a colourful wallpaper that you want to use or are installing bi-fold doors overlooking your garden, these will be included in our plans.

Kitchen Prep Work And Installation Services

Our attention to detail extends to the installation service that we offer. Our belief is that when undertaking a new kitchen project, we should offer nothing short of perfection. Working with people for upwards of five years means that we share an understanding of what is expected, but also means that we are confident they’ll deliver the desired result.

Over the years, we have established relationships with a fantastic range of tradespeople who are vital in the installation process. Here at Swans of Gravesend, we believe that our integration into the local area has allowed these connections to flourish, which makes calling in help of others a breeze. So, if your installation needs the additional help of a plumber or electrician, we know just the people.

Preparing for Installation

When working with builders, you’ll often find that we’re needed for a dry-fix process, especially if you’re undertaking a large-scale renovation project. As a result, we can produce first fix drawings for client’s trades if requested, including elevation drawings with plumbing and electrical points added.

Creating Beautiful Interiors

5 Year Guarantee

All of our fitted kitchens come with a full 5 Year Guarantee.


Swans have now been accepted to work under the CheckaTrade Banner.

Never Beaten On Quality

Our personalised made-to-measure service is never beaten on quality.

Full Installation Service

We offer a full installation service with all of our kitchen designs.

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