High Gloss Kitchens





High Gloss White Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt White Gloss and Deep Blue Handleless

Gloss Kitchens

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High Gloss White Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt White Gloss Handleless Kitchen
Rotpunk Gloss White and Matt Carbon Grey
Rotpunkt White Gloss Handleless and Rough Cut Oak Island Kitchen
Rotpunkt Gloss White + XL Black Handles
Rotpunkt Gloss White Handleless Kitchen
Rotpunkt High Gloss White and Midnight Blue Kitchen
Rotpunkt Light Wood and Gloss White Handleless Kitchen
Bright Red + White Gloss Kitchen
Azure Blue Handleless Kitchen
White Gloss Kitchen
White Gloss Kitchen
L Shaped Gloss White Kitchen
Gloss White Handleless Kitchen
Gloss White + Gloss Steel Blue Kitchen
Gloss White + Black Glazed Feature Units
Gloss Velvet Blue +Matt Cashmere Kitchen
Gloss Lava Grey Kitchen
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The delight of a beautiful gloss kitchen

Gloss kitchen doors create a luxury, modern look, whilst their lustrous shine ensures an inviting kitchen feel. Smooth, high quality gloss kitchen doors also benefit as they effectively reflect light as it hits their surface to make a kitchen feel brighter and more spacious.  This is an important element of kitchen planning and particularly for smaller kitchens where space maximising is an essential part of the planning process.  Typically stylish, fresh and modern, an extensive range of gloss colours and finishes ensures many different styles are achievable.  And of course all of our finishes can be mixed- be it
different colours from within the same gloss range, or else gloss doors with contrasting materials like wood or matt.  Our designers have decades of experience in working with clients to create such blended schemes-
ensuring you can achieve the gloss kitchen look that is both unique and personal to you.

High Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

The appeal of the gloss lacquer kitchen lies in the deeply polished lustre of the door’s smooth finish, creating an elegant and timeless kitchen look, and particularly striking in darker gloss tones.   Carried out by sophisticated machinery, it is the labour-intensive process it undergoes that makes the gloss lacquer kitchen an extremely high quality and durable option.  At the same time, the repeated spray lacquering process gradually builds up a deep and even coating of the lacquer colour.  The end result is an ultra-smooth door surface with a clear and highly reflective gloss kitchen shine. 

Rotpunkt White Gloss And Deep Blue Handleless

High Gloss Lux Laminate Kitchens

Combining looks, quality and affordability, the high gloss lux laminate kitchen door marks a stunning addition to our high gloss range.  All of our lacquer kitchen doors are finished to an extremely high standard using a repeated spray lacquering technique.  The gloss lux laminate kitchen doors undergo the same process, but the lacquered front is finished using a revolutionary laser system which fuses its sharp edge to the surface on all sides of the door.  This fusion creates a high quality, water-tight and temperature resistant door which is both durable and hygienic.  Fundamentally the door also has low visibility edging where the fusion has occurred, creating an almost seamless finish between the door’s edge and its surface.   The overall look this creates is one of high quality, and excellence, yet at an affordable kitchen price!

High Gloss Laminate Kitchens

It is important to recognise that the quality of laminate kitchen doors can vary significantly between manufacturers…But certainly at Swans of Gravesend our laminate manufacture process is honed to the extent that attractive laminate doors can be hard to tell apart from higher quality kitchen finishes.  Our laminate doors are finished with a PUR-hotmelt adhesive which prevents delamination and ensures the highest possible water, temperature and bacterial resistance for the surface of the door.  This makes maintenance and usability easier, as well as increasing durability and longevity. Indeed, our experts have created many lasting gloss laminate kitchen designs, including a variety of gloss laminate colours and contrasting finishes, ensuring an end-result which is both stylish and beautiful.    


Creating Beautiful Interiors

5 Year Guarantee

All of our fitted kitchens come with a full 5 Year Guarantee.


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Never Beaten On Quality

Our personalised made-to-measure service is never beaten on quality.

Full Installation Service

We offer a full installation service with all of our kitchen designs.

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